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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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his brother's life a week ago. >> rory died because he wanted to get a slumpy at 7-11. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. i can't accept that. >> the 22-year-old became a car jacking victim in a deadly crime spree involving four robberies and a brazen assault on police this, is one man accused of the crimes. if convicted he could phone shallly face the death penalty. police are searching for a second suspect. >> i just hope he turns himself in before he hurts anyone else. or before he gets hurt. >> police try to bring people responsible to justice, the family is most grateful for outdooring of support, donations to help with the funeral. dylan is an iraq war veteran living in hawaii he flew home wednesday. >> all of the support from folks in san jose and in
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campbell is the only thing getting me through this now. >> the brothers are five years apart, grew up with the a korean mother and african american father, choking back tears his dad told me he is proud of what that diversity taught his sons.. >> his mother and i can get through everything, or anything it would be ability >> family and friends are holding on to memories and sorting through photos, pick pictures never meant to be frozen in time so soon. >> i want rory to know that we all have his back and that you know a lot of people have been -- love him. >> the memorial will be held tomorrow, if you would like to attend or support the family in any way, just go to our web site. and click see it on tv. coming up you'll hear if dylan
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would support the d.a.seeking the death penalty in this case. thank you. >> in san francisco two drivers rushed to the/f'ohc hospital. their vehicle collided in an intersection this morning. you can see from this video the truck flipped over after impact happening in the intersection of 12th avenue. police say the cause of the accident is under investigation. >>t=4÷y two thieves captured afr they broke into a parked star, snatching an ipad. they were caught.hsjñ they called police and followed the suspects more than two miles to lincoln way and 17th avenue. the suspects tried to flee on foot. police are discounting reports of gunshots and they say the get away car was damaged. >> a nationwide black friday protest got too loudy in southern california. police in paramount arrested
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nine pro testors blocking traffic on a street belonging to a group that started demonstrate agent 5:00 this morning against low wages and working conditions at the store. a spokesperson says demonstrators had little impact on business reporting record sales on thanksgiving night. >> hundreds of people lined up outside of the stores in the bay area helping to get a crack at black friday deals. the crew from the best buy in pinole opened doors. big attractions were a toshiba television. police were near fwoi make sure shoppers stayed safe. another crowd of shoppers rushed into a pinole k mart store. regarding that k mart store, people walked in with a black friday ad in hand.
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abc 7 news experienced black friday hustle and bustle today. >> hustle indeed it was for the first time ever, doors opened at this mall at midnight. hundreds lined up outside, waiting to get in. and since then, thousands have streamed through these+x doors to take advantage of the deals today. it's a tradition many look forward to as soon as dinner is digested. >> we do this every year. have done it for years and years. >> her sisters and nieces made a pilgrimage since the 1980s. >> we had a great aunt that didn't drive. we'd drive to get her, she liked this mall. we came here. >> they come for deals and quality time together. >> for ashley, we caught up
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with her and made fur trips to the car. >> i worked yesterday for thanksgiving. i took today off. they know this is something i love to do. nationn estimates sales ill win crease this year. and if that prediction likely will become reality. there are shoppers on a mission coming with a plan. >> we come on black friday. we don't cake up at -- wake up at 10:00 at night and wait in line. we come to do the quick thing what we want. and just get whatever we want. >> there are those who came on a whim. >> i wanted to see the deals out there. >> 147 million people expected to shop this black friday
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weekend. a number making some shoppers want to stay away from the malls for the rest of the >> my favorite part will be leaving and going to have lunch and sit in a movie theater, then avoiding stores until off hours or something. >> there is time, most malls have special hours this, mall open tonight until 10:00, then, black friday deals run through sunday. there is also cyber monday, always something to look forward to. >> thank you.e! 3 a thanksgiving night celebration turned violent in san rafael. police say an argument spilled into parking lots. 50 people were outside when several people started shooting. two men wounded and police found guns and arrested three people on charges not related to the shootings.
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>> not everybody was lined up outside major retailers. giants fans heading to dugout stores because giants began selling tickets for the to 13 season. people waited outside that is leash yourly compared to pushing and shoving. tickets under big demand. people walked in orderly through the doors. >> a san francisco 49ers player spilled beans this after the noon. revealing what jim harbaugh was being evasive about. safety daunte whitner said collin capper in this case will be the quarterback this sunday. alex is expected to get okay before the game on sunday. >> still to come a different spin on black friday shopping what record stores offer music
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lovers this day, each year. >> ups chiming in on the way to keep thieves at bay during this delivery season. >> i'm spencer christian. temperatures near 70s on the day after thanksgiving. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> in the market for a tab blet? how size, content and cost matter. the news continues in one
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black friday excursion turned into quite an order for a group of passenger as board a yacht. boat began to take on water, seven people on board as well as a dog, cat and snake.
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five people were evacuated and taken to berkeley marinea. two stayed on the yacht as it was towed back to shore by the coast guard. >> fire damaged an apartment complex forcing evacuation of 18 people. firefighters took three hours to bring the blaze under control. one firefighter went to the hospital when a ceiling collapsed. workers back today assessing damage. residents say a fire in a fireplace may have spread to the roof, starting this blaze. >> police are sending a message to the community warning of thieves working overtime this time of the year looking for packages left at front doors. pu. s chiming in, too, how to protect your belongings. >> absolutely, good evening. the simple search will show
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just how rampant the crime of random thieves taking packages has become. new clues from carriers to keep your goods out of hands of thieves. ups expected to deliver 527 million packages over holidays and fed yechl more than 280 million to home as cross the country. partially because some customers are doing more shopping online. >> i would not waiting for my package. and i appreciate ups ringing the doorbell. when they do, i come right away. >> not everyone can be home when packages are due to arrive andnj%;xeetzz know it. take a look. police still working to identify a woman stole a package from this home. the homeowner wasn't there but was able to cap tut -- company tour it on his home surveillance system wh. the driver delivered a package an
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alert was sent to owner's smart phone but only minutes later a second alert. >> that showed someone coming up on thezcó porch, picking itp and making off witness. >> and also made off with a bag of groceries collected as part of a holiday food donation its not unusual to happen here and in surrounding areas. >> this sargeant from police department says thieves operate quickly. and make the move as soon as the driver clears the area. >> they take off with them. >> police looking for electronics and high end gifts. ups offers these tips. sign up for notice delivery. define a delivery window. choose an alternate location, and for $3 you can sign up for a signature required service. >> so that safe great idea very to be?b&n top of the
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delivery. >> i have an update for that video i showed you earlier. i spoke with fremont police. they tell me because that video was played on abc 7 news and on social media they're working active leads. >> a battle of culture and tradition over shark fin soup is taking place. it is a delicacy beginning first of the year california will ban sale, purchase or possession of shark fins. opponents point out it's okay to use the rest of the sharks.. >> you can go to costco and have shark taik steaks but you cannot have shark fins. that is the argument being made now there. is a sense of injustice. >> supporters say fins are cruelly obtained. opponents blaming it violates
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14th aeft. >> if you're shopping for a tab blet have you plenty to choose from. newest ones offer great features but it could be a tough decision. do you need to pay a premium? will a less expensive tablet suit your needs? consumer reports has low down. the world of tablets keeps growing. entries include the nook hd, hd plus, ipad mini and surface. microsoft first tablet. consumer reports tests to find the best. there are big differences. for example, the $500 surface has a superb screen plus a handy stand. and you can get it covered with a built in key boorksd however, content, microsoft has a way to go. >> windows tablets lack access from apple.
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or the amazon and barns and nobel offerings.. >> size is another important consideration. the 7.8 inch ipad mini is the first smaller tab bleth>ck. competing with other small tab blets. consumer reports finds the mini is every bit as good as bigger ipads. the screen offers crisp text, photo viewing and good sound. the ipad mini is light, making it portable. for $200 barns and noble nook is well worth considering. sharp text, the screen, makes reading a pleasure. however... larger nine inch nook hd plus is a better choice in you're a magazine lover starting at $370. ipad still offers -- 37
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370 -- $270. ipad is 500s skpdz up costing almost twice as much. >> korts says no matter what your priorities, there is never been a better selection of tablets to choose from. if you're thinking about buying an extended warranty not be wornl the money. a survey only 4% needed repairs. but if you still want to get one, consumer reports says consider less expensive coverage such as $28, two year accidental plan sold at walmart. a different spin on black friday shopping. people lined up to buy limited editions and a rare recording. this video shows audio files patiently waiting in line to buy rare records. this has become a black friday event at ind record stores. >> the san francisco firefighters toy program got a
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start today at lefty odule's this, year, staff hoping to collect enough toys for 15,000 kids who would go without them during holidays. 300 firefighters and supporters will distribute more than 200,000 toys to 40,000 kids throughout the city. >> workers have been putting finishing touches on the stage for a tree lighting in union square. the holiday program kicks off students from the school of the arts and singe÷2ó among performances. the tree will be lit at the end of the ceremony about 6:40 and has 33,000 energy efficient lights. >> it is fan activityic weather. >> yes. looks like it's going to remain this way throughout the weekend. looking at western skies in the glow of sunset which
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occurred i should say, after glow occurring at 4:53 p.m. today. cloud free skies you can see there. so we've got pleasant conditions, clear skies and cooler overnight tonight. sunny, mild tomorrow, gradual ykkóc rainy pattern settles in that may last into the weekend. chilly in the north bay valleys. lows in upper 30s. 39 in fairfield. the central valleys to the delta into some interior valleys here. lows into mid to upper 40s tonight. this is our radar image showing a large ridge dominating weather now bringing us clear skies.
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no disturbances coming our way. at 7:00 this evening, you'll see high pressure continuing to holdezñ on through tomorrow. another mild, sunny day. storms continuing to move into pacific northwest, sunday, still another sunny day. fog returns dropping temperatures just a little bit. making it cooler with patches of fog still pleasant day on sunday. tuesday into wednesday, rain continuing thursday. another wave coming in on friday. a seasonal pattern than what we're experiencing. sunny skies, highs into low 70s.
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66 in pacifica. 68 half moon bay tomorrow. downtown a high of 68 tomorrow, 66 in the sunset district. 72 in santa rosa. inland east bay, mild with highs around 70 degrees, highs into mid to upper 70s in locations inland away from the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast after a mild saturday, very mild, we'll see slight bit of cooling beginning sunday. continuing throughout monday into tuesday, then clouds thicken, rains pour down, so get ready for that. we'll be missing this weather. >> yes. we will, thank you. >> coming up this sunday on beyond deadline was abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings looking at discrimination face bid transgender people. those who were born in a baddy
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that doesn't match gender identity. you'll hear about struggle goesing from a boy named alex to a girl named claire z resources available for counseling, job and housing discriminations. >> i said yes, i'm going to transition, she refused to call me claire. didn't want me to visit or come home. >> you can learn more about transgender issues on beyond deadlines this sunday 10:00 a.m. here on abc 7. >> still to come where this naked man brought traffic to a stand stism he sat on top of a famous monument. >> new at kf spawning a rebirth of thepz salmon population, fish returning to northern
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bhap police in london had a long stand off today who stood on the duke of cambridge statue today are he stood there three hours striking poses despite the autumn chill. the gawking crowd was brought to a stand still, police tried to persuade him down from the 30 foot high monument. >> officials at state air resources board say they'll do things differently next year at the cap and trade auction. this year didn't raise as much money. state put a kris pris on green house emissions. a spokesman says there are too many allowances available. >> we piled it into one. we'll have a smaller number of
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allowances available next time. >> the state hoping auction would bring in a billion dollars but the amount just $55 million. many called the plan an ill plel lel pact that will slow recovery. >> couldn't be quick to toss out cooking oil, san francisco public utilities commission urging residents to recycle the cooking oil to turn into fuel for city vehicles. sit part of an effort to keep fats oil and grease out of the sewers. there are nine sites in the city that are open year round. >> two women find a way to be first in line together at two stores this black
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coming up at 6:00 moving out after being ordered out. tonight residents aren't ready to give up their berths in a marina. >> also michael finney tests apps that claim to be able to ?[w. >> and... >> just seeking not a program just a place to stay. >> inside of a center rescuing lives and looking for salvation itself. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> shoppers have to be determined to stand in line for a opening. >> this is gizette camping out
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in front of the k mart in:/ pinole. now look at this. >> hours later she and her friend also first in line people were led into best buy for midnight shopping. how did she do it? enlisting her family to wait in front of both stores for days. the family says it's their thanksgiving tra digs would you wait in line for me? >> no. >> i'll be along. >> yeah. maybe not. >> world news is next. >> from all of us he this is "world news." tonight, the mall madness. across this country, the crush of customers the moment the doors open. from victoria's secret gift bags and that promise from walmart. tonight, the black eyes on this black friday. clear


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